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Applicants with International Education

Applications received by March 1 will be given priority. BI Norwegian Business School will continue to accept applications until August 1. Applicants from outside the EU must apply by July 1 to allow time for securing a student residence visa.

Offers of admission will be made based on availability of seats in the programmes.

All applicants for the Master of Science programmes must apply through our online application portal.

Do you have a bachelor’s degree from an educational institution outside Norway or the Nordic Countries?

BI Norwegian Business School is committed to building an international community and a diverse student body. We encourage applicants who have earned bachelor’s degrees in business administration, management, economics, marketing, and finance to apply to our MSc programmes from higher education institutions around the globe. We also have specialised master’s programmes that are suited for applicants from a STEM background who have an interest in business, finance, or analytics.

Minimum academic requirements: A completed undergraduate bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning (minimum three years) in Business, Management, Economics, Marketing, Finance and/or subjects relevant to the chosen area of specialisation. For our specialised master’s programmes, the undergraduate degree may be in Psychology, Social Science, Mathematics, Engineering, or other STEM programmes, depending on the programme specific academic requirements. 

  • Apply Online: Complete the online application form.
  • Upload official university/college transcripts and diplomas: Submit copies of transcripts and degrees (diplomas) which are certified as true copies and include an official explanation of the grade scale used. Academic records must be accompanied by a certified English translation if the originals are not in English or a Scandinavian language. If you have not completed your undergraduate education when applying, please submit a copy of your most recent transcript. Also include a list of courses you are taking in your final semester.
  • Provide a GMAT/GRE/CAT test score: The GMAT is a standardised test used by business schools around the world to test your readiness for master-level studies. The GMAT tests your quantitative and verbal abilities, and your integrated reasoning skills. It also assesses your ability to think critically and communicate your ideas. Ask that your test results be forwarded directly to BI Norwegian Business School from the test centre or upload a copy of the score report to your online application. Applicants from BI Norwegian Business School’s partner schools or from business schools that have international accreditations may request a waiver of this requirement.
  • Provide a TOEFL/IELTS test score: Ask that your test results be forwarded directly to BI Norwegian Business School from the test centre or upload a copy of the score report to your online application. International applicants whose mother tongue is English are exempt from this requirement. Applicants who have studied in English for many years may request a waiver for this requirement.
  • Write a motivation letter: Be sure to use your motivation letter to make your individual case for admission to the master’s programme. Explain your dreams and ambitions, and how they relate to your choice of MSc programme at BI Norwegian Business School. Why do you want to take this master’s programme, what have you done in your life that will prepare you for this master’s degree, and how will the MSc programme help you achieve your career and personal goals? 

The Admission Committee may also consider international experience (eg. semesters or study abroad), your experience outside the classroom (eg. extra-curricular and volunteer activities), or your motivation to learn and improve (eg. did you do better in your final year of studies than you did in your first year) in addition to your academic record. Use this opportunity to convince the committee you have the ability to succeed in a demanding master’s programme.

The letter, written in English, should not exceed one page.

  • Include a Curriculum Vitae (CV): Draft a one-page CV including relevant education, work and volunteer experience, and any academic, sport, or leadership achievements.

International Students must also include the following in their application:

  • A financial declaration. Your financial plan is a general overview of how you intend to finance your degree and living expenses. 

Why do we ask for this? As part of the process to secure a study visa, students from outside the EU will be required by the Norwegian government to provide a deposit covering tuition and one year of living expenses. They will be required to do this for both years in the master’s programme.

  • Passport: Submit a copy of the identification page in your passport

In the event that additional documentation is needed, our Admission Team will contact you directly

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Norway surprised me in many ways, with its amazing nature, well-functioned welfare system, Norwegian lifestyle and more. I fell in love with Norway because of its nature, but I am most impressed by its work-life balance. Life is not only about working here.

Tzu Wei Yang // Taiwan // Bachelor of Business Administration

Tuition fees and Scholarships

External applicants

First Year NOK EUR* USD*
MSc in Business Analytics (per year**) 102,400 10,810 12,400
All other MSc Programmes (per year**) 97,200 10,260 11,770

Internal applicants

First Year NOK EUR* USD*
MSc in Business Analytics (per year**) 90,000 9,510 10,880
All other MSc Programmes (per year**) 85,400 9,020 10,330


Tuition fee NOK EUR* USD*
1st year 82,400 8,720 10,000


Tuition fee NOK EUR* USD*
1st year 82,400 8,720 10,000

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